Dirty Little Secret

conceptual, fine art, self portrait, surreal

©Ariana Neala 2015

“Swept under the rug, a secret they must keep
her love was an ache in their heart burning deep.
Bound by a sheet, she lies here discarded –
a dirty little secret lying unguarded.”
-Ariana Neala

Life has a way of knocking you down when you least expect it, and looking back I’m proud to reflect on moments that should have knocked me down but didn’t. But once in a while you meet someone who makes it all worth standing tall – and when they knock you down, its hard to find the motivation to get back up. Happiness doesn’t come from another, its a choice you must make each moment of every day. Don’t let your happiness become someone’s Dirty Little Secret.

Model: Ariana Neala
Find ‘Dirty Little Secret’ on Flickr


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