Fell For a Dream

conceptual, self portrait, surreal, fine art

©Ariana Neala 2015

“In a dream that couldn’t be true,
heartache drowned her view.
Reality worse than a nightmare,
she fell for a dream going nowhere.”
-Ariana Neala

Trust is a tricky thing, we work so hard to build it, but a single blow can destroy even years of dedication. Sometimes we give up, it’s too hard to hold on. Sometimes we try even harder to rebuild it, thinking it this time will be stronger – unbreakable. But the truth is its not up to us, its a choice someone makes that affects you. It’s out of your hands and entirely unfair. And the grief of mistrust is not to be taken lightly, the heart is man’s strongest weapon. You have the power to make or break someone each and every day. How you use this power defines you as a human being.
Model: Ariana Neala
Find ‘Fell For a Dream’ on Flickr


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